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We offer IVF/ICSI, egg donation & double donation


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IVF, ICSI and egg donation

We offer all kind of fertility treatments. Our treatment methods are carried out by experienced and professional doctors. We offer IVF, ICSI, egg donation and double donation, among others, and we always customize the treatment according to your needs. You can learn more about how IVF treatment, ICSI treatment, TESE treatment or egg donation works on this page.

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Insemination IUI

Insemination treatments are our specialty at Diers Klinik. Our success rate is one of the best in Denmark and we take great care to always find the right time for treatment. The inseminations are mainly carried out in the natural cycle, which means that hormone stimulation or the use of other medications can be dispensed with.

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Why Diers Fertility Clinic?



Our success rate for pregnancy by IVF, ICSI and egg donation is 52%. This is among Denmark’s highest success rates.

No waiting time

Contact us today and you are already one step closer to begin your treatment. We have no waiting times, because we know how important  time can be in your treatment.

An experienced team

Our team has many years of experience from the fertility industry. We are all updated on all new treatment methods and together with the many years of experience, we can give you the optimal treatment.

Fertility and gynecology

At Diers Fertility Clinic, we offer both fertility treatment and general gynecology. We offer i.a.


Insemination IUI


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High quality – your safety

At Diers IVF, we do not compromise on the high quality. That is why we have hand-picked our staff so that you are guaranteed the best skills. With many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we help ensure quality and not least your safety. We collaborate with doctors from foreign fertility clinics, so we are constantly the first with new trends in fertility treatment.

The team behind Diers IVF consists exclusively of female therapists, and we combine quality treatment with commitment to your treatment process.

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