Egg Donation

Egg donation

Diers IVF offers both egg donation with partner sperm and double donation.

In Denmark, egg donation can be offered to both couples and single women as a treatment when pregnancy with their own eggs is not possible. We also offer double donations where eggs and sperm are donated.

We have a short waiting time for an egg donor.

Another woman’s egg is fertilized with sperm from your partner or sperm donor and then placed in your uterus. This treatment is used if you do not produce eggs of sufficient quality yourself or if you have a genetic disease that you do not want to pass on to your children.

We are happy to keep all of the embryos you have obtained for further experiments and any siblings.

In the case of a double donation, it must be an open donor so that the child has the opportunity to receive information about his or her origin at a later date.

You can receive the egg donation up to your 46th birthday, so the treatment must start at the latest when you are 45 years old. We would be happy to advise you on the differences between the various forms of donation.

Our egg donors

We have a wide range of egg donors, all of whom have gone through an extensive screening process. The majority of our egg donors are studying or have children themselves and would like to be able to give this experience to others. Most are Scandinavian in appearance, but we also have other ethnicities in our donor program.

We can provide you with an egg donor that matches your preferences for an open or closed profile, hair color, eye color and height. We’ll send you an 11-page profile in which the egg donor has answered many personal questions so you can better introduce your donor. You will also receive baby pictures of the donor and a handwritten greeting.

Check out a sample profile here.

At Diers IVF we offer the following forms of egg donation:

Non-contact egg donor

In the case of a non-contactable donation, you as the recipient of the donation can never contact the donor and the anonymity also applies vice versa, which means that the donor cannot receive any information about you and any child.

Open egg donor

Date of donation not known. However, the donor has agreed with the clinic that she is available for 1 meeting with the child should the child feel the need to learn more about his or her origins. The meeting can only take place from the 18th birthday of the child.

The contact between the donor and the child is mediated by Diers IVF after the donor child has contacted the clinic.

It is important to emphasize that the donor has no legal or financial obligations.

The donor fills out an extended profile, where you have the opportunity to get more information about the donor’s education, leisure interests, baby photos, etc.

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