The prices are valid from 1 May, 2021. All prices are given in EUR.

Diers IVF – we offer a free reservation of a SellmerDiers donor for 30 days:


IVF, 1 treatment ex. blood tests and medication 3.140
ICSI, 1 treatment (microinsemination) ex. blood tests and medication 3.570
Egg Donation 6.700


Package solution for women aged up to 39 years (39 inclusive):
3 x IVF treatments ex. blood tests and medication 6.150
3 x ICSI treatment (microinsemination) ex. blood tests and medication 7.300



Further services:
First consultation 135
Legally blood tests 415
Donormatch Egg donation 830
FER Cycle 1.285
Acupuncture – 1 treatment 70
Acupuncture – 5 treatments (cycle) 280
Insertion of spiral ex. spiral 280
HSU 715

* The prices for the IVF packages include a course of treatment of a maximum of 3 performed IVF treatments including all consultations, interviews, ultrasound examinations, egg collection, blastocyst culture, egg implantation and freezing of own eggs (blastocysts). 

** The price includes both egg donor medication, IVF/ICSI treatment and sperm and egg freezing.

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